Barons and Gentlemen - Freyherrn und Herrn
Coats of arms of Aerburg FH, Appermont FH, Eschenbach FH, Goescken FH, Gössken FH, Gütenberg FH, Guttenberg FH, Hasenberg FH, Hassenberg FH, Kienberg FH, Palm FH, Ratzuntz FH, Schenckenberg FH, von der Wart FH, Ward FH, Warth FH
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Aerburg FHGoescken FHGuttenberg FHKienberg FHSchenckenberg FHWarth FH
Appermont FHGössken FHHasenberg FHPalm FHvon der Wart FH
Eschenbach FHGütenberg FHHassenberg FHRatzuntz FHWard FH

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These ancient German Coats of Arms may have belonged to your ancestors. The Heraldic Crests are a colorful addition to your genealogy or family history.