Barons - Freyherrn
Coats of arms of Baymund FH, Firmian FH, Fürmain FH, Kuehring FH, Leubelfing FH, Paegel FH, Pettaw FH, Pögel FH, Preysing FH, Roemer FH, Römer FH, Sonnenberg FH, Turschi FH, Wolfstein FH, Zerotin FH
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Baymund FHKuehring FHPettaw FHRoemer FHTurschi FH
Firmian FHLeubelfing FHPögel FHRömer FHWolfstein FH
Fürmain FHPaegel FHPreysing FHSonnenberg FHZerotin FH

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These ancient German Coats of Arms may have belonged to your ancestors. The Heraldic Crests are a colorful addition to your genealogy or family history.