Barons and Gentlemen - Freyherrn und Herrn
Coats of arms of Abensperg FH, Arberg FH, Blanckenheim FH, Dün FH, Horn FH, Hüern FH, Pickenbach FH, Randeroda FH, Rifferscheid FH, Stain FH, Vinstingen FH, Wyfelkofen FH, Zommerruef FH
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Abensperg FHDün FHPickenbach FHStain FHZommerruef FH
Arberg FHHorn FHRanderoda FHVinstingen FH
Blanckenheim FHHüern FHRifferscheid FHWyfelkofen FH

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These ancient German Coats of Arms may have belonged to your ancestors. The Heraldic Crests are a colorful addition to your genealogy or family history.