Gentlemen - Herren
Coats of arms of Bern FH, Buchholz FH, Eylenberg FH, Glauhartenstein FH, Haydeck FH, Puechholz FH, Schleinitz FH, Schönberg FH, Schönburg FH, Schwanberg FH, Seidlitz FH, Sonderndorff FH, Sündersdorff FH, V  der Leiter FH, Waldstein FH, Wildenfels FH
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Bern FHGlauhartenstein FHSchleinitz FHSchwanberg FHSündersdorff FHWildenfels FH
Buchholz FHHaydeck FHSchönberg FHSeidlitz FHV der Leiter FH
Eylenberg FHPuechholz FHSchönburg FHSonderndorff FHWaldstein FH

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These ancient German Coats of Arms may have belonged to your ancestors. The Heraldic Crests are a colorful addition to your genealogy or family history.